Real Estate Marketing Partner Program

As a Realty Professional, you don’t need a One-Off Service…

You Need a Marketing Partner!

Our Brand owner, BIGdeal Marketing Solutions, is an all inclusive marketing company equipped with all the tools needed for any marketing or advertising project we can dream up.

We’ve worked with multiple local Realtors and Businesses over the years and have been an invaluable asset in many respects. Whether it be Ads Management, Print Products, Target Marketing, Direct Mailers, Website Design, Social Media, YouTube Promo, Video Production… the list is honestly too long!

What we offer with myPreview360 is something dreamed up specifically for you, The Real Estate Professional!

We know that you are busy trying to win new leads and clients. We know you are busy showing properties, answering the phone calls, returning the texts, checking the emails, writing the deals, and hopefully cashing those commission checks after a hard fought sell! We want to ease your burdens.

You may be a great sales pro, you may even be a great marketer… but what you are not is The Purveyor of ALL things when it comes to running your business. No matter how much you may like to think that you can do it all, the truth is, you have your strengths and you have your weaknesses. At some point you have to play to your strengths and delegate the rest. Otherwise, you will not scale, you will not grow, and you will not earn the potential that is waiting for you.

I say all that to this affect… We are Great Marketers. We have a Great Product. myPreview360 and BIGdeal Marketing Solutions are here to shoulder some of that responsibility.

What We Offer as Your Real Estate Marketing Partner… Let’s Talk Value First!

  • GOOGLE Trusted 360 Degree Virtual Tour

    • Google Streetview Tour inside your listing found on Google Search and Google Maps via our Google Trusted Photographer and Level 7 Google Contributor Profile!
    • 20-30 360° Photo Positions at a value of $650.00
    • Link Provided for Easy Upload to MLS et. all

  • Optimized YouTube Property Tour

    • 360° YouTube 4K HD Virtual Tour Upload Fully Optimized for Local Search
    • $1200.00 Value
    • Link Provided for Easy Upload to MLS et. all
  • Direct Mail Campaign Marketing at Cost

    • Designed, Printed, Bundled and Mailed! A Complete Done For You Service.
    • We help target the perfect mailing routes for your listing’s direct mailing campaign.
    • QR Codes for easy smartphone linking so the potential buyer can preview your property and become a hot lead before you have even lifted a finger to answer a call!
    • We own BIGdeal Printing Solutions so we can offer this at COST to you as a member of our Marketing Partner Program. That is a savings of around $205.00 per Thousand Postcards!
  • Ads Management

    • We normally manage ads for our clients as a hands off service at a cost of 30% of ad-spend. Meaning that whatever they spend monthly on Google Adwords and/or Facebook Ads they owe us 30% of that ad-spend for complete ad design, setup, and management. Zero Upfront Cost and Zero Applied Effort as their phone rings with new client’s calls!
    • We are offering ads management at a mere cost of 10% of monthly ad-spend! For Example: Should we choose to harness the power of Google Adwords to promote the sell of your listings for $20 per day, as a Real Estate Marketing Partner program member you would save $120.00 per month and receive professional and proven ads management from BIGdeal Marketing per listing!
  • Organic Social Media Campaign

    • We have allot of pull in the Social Media World with Thousands of Followers and growing. We have been building re pore in multiple applicable groups across Facebook as well as LinkedIn. We are on every relevant Social Media Platform out there and are well versed in the many nuances that come with them.
    • We will commit to share share share and post post post our properties across all available platforms for the life of every contract.
    • $6,000.00 Value (perceived* 1 yr duration)

So Let’s Add That Up!

That’s a Perceived Value of $8,075.00 in out of pocket expenses and must have tools for quick and efficient sells.

We know you have questions, We know you are saying to yourself, “that’s allot of services and savings… but what is this going to cost me?!” Well…

“I need you to call me directly because I really don’t want to give away my business model here! As I’m sure you know, the competition is fierce out there and if this gets out in the Local Marketing World it could kill our chances at mutual success! Please Don’t Hesitate to email or call if you are interested to learn more!”

– Bucky Helms ( )


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